Taylor Lautner & Michael Bay Team Up For New Film

Taylor Lautner is so hotI guess it makes sense. Michael Bay outbid several other producers for the chance to team up with Taylor Lautner in 2012 and together they shall create the craziest action films known to man! Explosions! Abs! Ab explosions! The world will rock from the recoil of these mighty abs!

Anyway, this is a multi-picture deal and the two already have one lined up that they are shopping around. Described as “Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets Wanted,” it easily takes the cake as the dumbest cross-reference ever. I mean seriously, how can you cite those two films as an influence when they are basically the same thing? Instead of a multi-national corporation, two spies that get together fight off a religious cult? Really Michael Bay? Really Taylor Lautner? This is the best you can do? You have one of the most popular actors (not necessarily the best) and one of the most (literally) explosive directors working today and you go for a run-of-the-mill action flick? For shame Michael Bay – if Lautner doesn’t set off a giant explosion that blows up the moon by firing a flaming arrow while riding on the back of a mutant polar bear-squid-ninja-magic-pirate-python, I’ll say you have lost your touch.

Source: Deadline