Taylor Swift’s Second ‘Hunger Games’ Track: Sneak Peek

ALTWith some help from the soundtrack to everyone’s favorite teen deathmatch, Taylor Swift is slowly undoing her reputation for writing sugary love songs (which happen to make her one of today’s top-earning artists). Last month, Swift released “Safe and Sound,” the music video for her first single from the Hunger Games soundtrack. The song’s haunting tone was a bit of a departure for Swift, and she goes in an entirely different direction in “Eyes Open,” her second song from the album.

The guitar-heavy track is a more radio-friendly than “Safe and Sound,” and also more intense than Swift’s usual tales of high school heartbreak. In this one-minute preview clip, Swift does make reference to childhood, but she’s talking about Katniss becoming a warrior, not lamenting that her crush is more interested in the head cheerleader.

Source: PopCrush