The 11 Most Bizarre Movie Deaths


This week’s horror-com Piranha 3DD promises horror, comedy, and lots of really big boobs, if the 3DD in the title is any indication. Plus: bizarre deaths. That latter element — and the prospect of David Hasselhoff being involved — is the main reason for our excitement, and it got us thinking about other unconventional deaths on the big screen. Read on to see our favorites — and watch the horrendous action go down! But note: Although most clips are of the very, very funny nature, some are actually disturbing, especially for fans of His Prettiness, Brad Pitt.

The Wicker Man: Bees

A Nic Cage scene would find its way onto any list of oddities, but we’re all fortunate that what might be his most bizarre scene ever just so happens to be of the death variety. The clip below must be watched in its entirety; there are unintentionally hilarious gifts bestowed throughout, including but not limited to his death by bees.

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Jurassic Park: On the Toilet

Everyone expects a little privacy in the bathroom, but worst-case scenario, someone opens the door and nothing more than pride is damaged. Not the case for Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero), who is picked up by a hungry, pissed-off, lawyer-hating T. Rex.

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Dumb & Dumber: Hot Peppers

This is one list the Farrelly brothers probably never thought they’d wind up on when they concocted a scene in which title dummies Lloyd (Jim Carrey) and Harry (Jeff Daniels) accidentally prank-kill a kidnapper (Mike Starr) with hot peppers and rat poison. They probably thought the other brothers, the Coens, would be more likely to wind up here. Well, gotcha!

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Pulp Fiction: Accidental Gunshot

There aren’t too many conventional deaths in Quentin Tarantino movies: We probably won’t ever watch an elderly character die of natural causes in his sleep. The most bizarre for our money, though, happens in the writer-director’s masterpiece, when John Travolta’s Vincent accidentally shoots Marvin (Phil LaMarr) in the brain after Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) drives too fast over a bump. Oopsies! Hey, it happens to the best of us.

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Deep Blue Sea: Shark Attack

There are a ton of classic lines and scenes from Samuel L. Jackson’s ridiculously prolific career; it’s somewhat disappointing — but understandable — that “I have had it with these motherf**king snakes on this motherf**king plane!” and his ritualistic, bible-quoting monologue from Pulp Fiction continue to overshadow his laugh-out-loud ridiculous death scene in Deep Blue Sea, in which he gets eaten by a genetically engineered shark and screams gloriously. Well, let’s change that!

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Flying Bunny

Leave it to the Monty Python gang to inject death with a cocktail of slapstick, irreverence, and hilarity. It’s safe to say that no other movie character has ever been decapitated via flying bunny; it’s also safe to say that this is the funniest, if not most bizarre, death scene in cinematic history. See also: The Meaning of Life, in which Terry Jones fatally eats a mint.

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Spaceballs: Dancing Alien

Alien had the disturbing “chestburger” scene, in which a little monster springs from John Hurt’s chest and darts across the room. Its spoof, Spaceballs, has pretty much the same thing, with the same actor(!), only this alien throws on a top hat and performs the hell out of “Hello, My Baby.” Both work on this list, but comedy wins out, at least for us. A very close runner-up in the otherworldly-lifeforms-popping-out-of-chests department is Kuato from Total Recall.

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Meet Joe Black: Cars

Brad Pitt plays Death, and cars play Ping-Pong with his body in what many consider to be the best scene of Meet Joe Black. Which isn’t meant as a compliment. It’s worth noting that this scene might not be considered so bizarre if it wasn’t the umpteen-time Sexiest Man Alive getting run over in uber-violent fashion and/or it wasn’t preceded by said pretty A-lister daydreaming in the middle of a city street with a “romantic longing” score playing in the background. But it is.

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Final Destination Franchise: Any Death

By nature, virtually every death throughout the entire Final Destination series must be of the bizarre persuasion; otherwise, the movies would be utterly unwatchable instead of just laughably awful. One of our recent faves? Nick Zano’s disembowelment at the, uh, hands of a pool drain in 2009’s The Final Destination. If we had a nickel for every time we’ve heard one of those stories…

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Gremlins: Microwave

Nonhumans aren’t immune to dying bizarrely on the big screen, as we saw in this 1984 Steven Spielberg-produced blockbuster — in which the titular monsters are fatally stabbed, pureed, and, most awesomely, microwaved… in the same scene.

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Scream: Garage Door

We all knew Wes Craven’s meta-horror comedy would serve up at least one bizarre death scene. Ultimately, there were several, but our favorite is the one in which Rose McGowan’s unsuspecting bombshell Tatum Riley is snuffed out by the garage door — courtesy of “Mr. Ghostface.” And the dog flap.


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