The Hilarious ‘Hunger Games’ Parody You Were Waiting For


Hipster GamesConsidering The Hunger Games has gotten more media attention than a presidential election and still might be champion at the box office, it’s amazing to think that more people haven’t come along to use it as fodder for internet humor. Finally we have one that is as awesome as the movie itself. Welcome to the 74th annual Hipster Games!

Making fun of hipsters is like shooting fish in a barrel (but this bunch of pacifists would never do anything so aggressive), but those denizens of Silverlake, Brooklyn, Oakland, and other cooler than cool neighborhoods deserve a light ribbing. Produced by Wyoma Films, the clip replaces Katniss, Peeta, and other hard-scrabble characters with spoiled hipsters who miss brunch, PBR, and vegan clogs too much to compete. While we never want to deal with another glut of online parodies sparked by “Sh*t Girls Say,” we hope if there are going to be more Hunger Games send ups, they’ll be as funny as this one.

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