15 Character Deaths That Take You Out of the Movie

15 Character Deaths That Take You Out of the Movie

The Place Beyond the Pines, Ryan Gosling

To date, Derek Cianfrance‘s epic, generation-spanning crime saga The Place Beyond The Pines has only made over $1 million at the U.S. box office. But the drama with a big running time has a small theatrical release (it’s currently only playing on 30 screens across the country), so the well-received film may not reach as many audiences as it could or should.

Of course, there’s something that could be preventing the ambitious movie from really taking off with moviegoers: one of the film’s big stars dies a jarring death in the first half of the film and the story never quite recovers from it. We won’t spoil who it is here, but really, when the cast is comprised of Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, or Eva Mendes , who wants anyone to croak in the movie? 

But The Place Beyond The Pines is hardly the only film to suffer from killing its own momentum by killing one of its own characters. From The Departed to Zombieland, check out our gallery of character deaths that take you out of the movie. Fair warning though: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

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