‘The Runner’ Is Set Up At Disney

Brian GrazerChalk one up for Disney and super-producer Brian Grazer for purchasing an original idea with The Runner. This new project, which could also be a cross-platform affair involving TV, video games, graphic novels and interactive mobile content (oh good, because I totally wouldn’t be interested in a good story unless it was available on my iPhone AND in a graphic novel), is set in a post apocalyptic world that has one shot of turning things around: a lone time traveler sent back to reverse the events that caused the destruction of the Earth. But their man has an ulterior motive: saving the love of his life.

Wait, did I say original? I mean a complete rip off of 12 Monkeys, Terminator, La Jetee, and hell, even this Spring’s Source Code. Take a little romance, throw in an apocalyptic atmosphere and time travel and BOOM, you’ve got an “original” idea.

The only thing, and I do mean ONLY thing, that is keeping me even remotely interested in this movie is that it is being developed for Marc Forster to direct. Since he was responsible for one of the best movies ever, Stranger Than Fiction, I’ve warmed slightly to this project. He also made Quantum of Solace, so he has a bit of experience handling a big action movie. My only hope is that someone has given him a stabilizer since then. Seriously, I’m still dizzy from watching that movie. Kinda like your mom! Heyo! Wait, what?

Source: Walt Disney Pictures