TIFF 2012: Walter White & Joan Harris Are Married… In ‘American Beauty’...

TIFF 2012: Walter White & Joan Harris Are Married… In ‘American Beauty’ Live Read 

American Beauty Live ReadIn what world could Breaking Bad’s Walter White nab a vixen like Mad Men’s Joan Harris? Well, it could happen in a world that only Jason Reitman could dream up. The Up In the Air and Young Adult director just released the full cast of his Toronto Live Read of the now-classic film American Beauty to EW and he’s got Bryan Cranston and Christina Hendricks in the lead roles as Lester and Carolyn Burnham — roles originated by Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening

The event comes on the heels of a series of live reads in Los Angeles of films like The Breakfast Club, The Big Lebowski starring Seth Rogen, and Reservoir Dogs starring Terrance Howard and Common. Hollywood.com was on-hand for Reitman’s only New York reading in April, during which Emma Stone and Paul Rudd delivered The Apartment to an anticipatory crowd at the New York Times Center. 
Reitman’s reads have gone from the director’s pet project to a bit of a cult sensation, so this American Beauty cast announcement is an exciting one.

Can this cast handle the material?

Bryan Cranston as Lester Burnham

(Originally played by Kevin Spacey)


Christina Hendricks as Carolyn Burnham

(Originally played by Annette Bening)


Sarah Gadon as Angela Hayes

(Originally played by Mena Suvari)


Woody Harrelson as Col. Frank Fitts

(Originally played by Chris Cooper)


Mae Whitman as Jane Burnham

(Originally played by Thora Birch)


Adam Driver as Ricky Fitts

(Originally played by Wes Bentley)


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