‘True Blood’s’ Alexander Skarsgard Joins ‘The East’

Alexander SkarsgardI almost feel like writing this article is a waste of time. Not because the news is unimportant, but because no matter how compelling what I say is, the readers will invariably divert their eyes to the left and end up gazing whimsically at the picture of Alexander Skarsgard. Seriously, this guy is super handsome. But try and stay with me here.

Skarsgard, notable primarily for his TV work (first in Generation Kill, and presently in True Blood) is handsoming his way into stardom: one film that’ll be imbued with the actor’s divine bone structure is The East. Although not much is known about this film, written and directed by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, available details revolve around the infiltration of an eco-terrorist group; Skarsgard will presumably play the head terrorist, whose dangerous political sway is a result of people being unable to look at him without needing to sit down.

Other films that will be reaping the benefits of the performer’s good looks include Battleship (which the trailer reveals to be a high-complexity cerebral allegory that studies the self-defeating ambition of man) and the a-little-too-chilling Straw Dogs. Something tells me that we won’t be seeing a shortage of Skarsgard anytime soon. I think it’s the jawline.

Source: Indiewire