‘True Blood’s’ Ryan Kwanten Will Star In Charles Manson Biopic

Ryan KwantenUh-oh. This cannot be good. You know the hunky guy from True Blood? Oh yeah, I may have to be a little more specific about that. I’m talking about Ryan Kwanten, who you may know better as Jason Stackhouse, or Sookie’s brother on the show. The very attractive Aussie has just signed on to play one of the creepiest people to have walked this earth: Charles Manson.

Thanks, Hollywood. Could you have picked someone just a little less attractive? I don’t know if I’ll be able to tolerate myself once I utter the sentence, “Man, the dude who plays Charles Manson is hot.” Nope. That’s just not going to fly.

Kwanten let it slip while talking up his upcoming Aussie western (huh?) Red Hill that he’d be starring in a Manson biopic called The Family. The buff blond also added that Brad Anderson is attached as the film’s director. Have you seen The Machinist? If anyone can bring out the hideous side of an incredibly attractive man (Christian Bale) it’s Anderson. And as you can see from my inability to stop mentioning his dashing good looks, Kwanten’s yet to get much praise for his actual talent. Perhaps this will be his chance to show audiences that his skills go beyond the ability to make droves of girls sigh and faint. I hope he manages to tone down the sexy for the Manson pic so we can see what he brings to the plate (and so I can avoid years of therapy stemming from my creepy affinity for the screen version of the infamous killer).

Source: NBC San Diego, Dark Horizons