Truly Hilarious New ‘The Sitter’ Red Band Trailer

Jonah HillJonah Hill might not be for everyone. But he’s for me. He’s for me in spades. And The Sitter looks to be all the Jonah Hill you could want. A jobless, suspended-adolescent Jonah Hill (as always—but don’t you dare knock it!) begrudgingly takes on a babysitting job for cash. Naturally, he is less suited for the position than the spoiled rotten kids are for the planet Earth. Add some high-stakes situations (drug dealers, car chases, a tryst with Ari Graynor) and you’ve got classic comedy. The slightly NSFW trailer is introduced by Hill’s decadently hilarious interview with four wide-eyed, foul-mouthed kids. Bonus: the kid from Where the Wild Things Are is in this movie! Enjoy. In spades.

Source: IGN