UPDATE: Three Cast In Chuck Palahniuk’s Latest Adaptation ‘Snuff’

Daryl HannahUPDATE: Whoops, just kidding about the whole Daryl Hannah part. According to Deadline, she’s never even heard of the project and therefore certainly hasn’t agree to star in it. Does this cast a pall on the other two actors slated to be in the film? Can we trust anyone or anything these days? What is the truth anyway? Wow, this just got a little too deep, considering these questions started because of a film about a woman trying to screw 600 dudes. Or is that even real?

Earlier: To say Chuck Palahniuk novels make for interesting movies is an understatement. Not only did he give us Brad Pitt shirtless spouting anarchistic ideology in Fight Club, we got Ed Norton blowing off half his face. To counter balance Gillian Jacobs as a stripper in Choke we got Sam Rockwell with anal beads. His latest novel ready for adaptation, Snuff, is sure to give us just as many indelible images.

Daryl Hannah will play Cassie Wright, an aging porn star who has one last grand plan for a big finish: setting the world record for having sex with the most men in one session. Her goal? 600. While that’s admirable, the story follows three men who wait in line for their turn. Mr. 600 (the men are only identified by their place in line) will be Tom Sizemore. He is the guy who introduced Wright to the business and plans on being the final stud. Thora Birch will play Wright’s personal assistant Sheila who is in charge of selecting who is next to have their way with Wright. The other two male characters (Mr. 137 and Mr. 72) have yet to be cast.

The film is being directed by Fabien Martorell, who doesn’t have a feature credit to his name besides helming a documentary on Lloyd Kaufman. Considering Lloyd Kaufman is responsible for Troma and most cheesy zombie b-movies, and any person willing to make a documentary on him must have the same sort of thinking, Martorell might just be the perfect choice for this film.

Source: AICN