‘Upside Down’ Gives Kirsten Dunst Another Upside Down Kiss — TRAILER


Audiences continue to long for tales of forbidden love. From the ancient tale of Tristan and Isolde to the modern-day saga of Edward and Bella, we love ourselves a good story of love defeating the rules. And now, we get the tale of Eden (Kirsten Dunst) and Adam (Jim Sturgess), star-crossed lovers on adjacent, yet opposite planets, each upside down from the other. Hence the name of director Juan Diego Solanas’s innovative love story, Upside Down.

Each population is forbidden to contact the other but, as we’ve learned from history and Stephenie Meyer, you can’t stop love. After their forced separation, Adam makes the dangerous journey to reconnect with Eden, and then it happens: the return of Dunst’s signature upside down kiss. Only this time, the couple is standing on planets with opposing gravity, and Dunst isn’t kissing a superhero in spandex in a rainy New York alleyway, but come on. Who thought one actress would pull off the acrobatic makeout more than once in her career?

Upside Down hits theaters March 15.

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