‘Upstream Color’: The Mysterious Sundance Premiere 10 Years in the Making — TRAILER

Upstream Color trailer

If you were hoping to find out what the new movie and 2013 Sundance Film Festival premiere Upstream Color is about, the first trailer for the film, director Shane Carruth‘s follow-up to his 2004 indie breakout Primer, is probably not the place too look. Although gorgeous, the trailer reveals almost nothing about the plot other than the fact that Upstream Color is a movie with people in it, and it might make you long for a cold, sunny winter day.

Here’s what we do know, however: Carruth has kept a low profile since his ultra-low-budget 2004 Sundance hit, which he directed, wrote, produced, starred in, edited — he was also the cinematographer and composed his own music. According to the Los Angeles Times, Carruth plays those roles again in Upstream Color. “In the movie, a young woman (Amy Seimetz) is abducted and seemingly brainwashed via an organic material harvested from a specific flower. She later meets a man (Carruth) and after the two fall for each other, they come to realize he may also have been subjected to the same process,” the Times writes of the movie’s plot.

What can we learn from the trailer? Upstream Color has the same quiet, low-fi vibe as the time-travel-oriented Primer — and appears to be just as confusing. Or, as the LA Times puts it, “densely layered.” Carruth tells the paper that he hopes people will keep an open mind when watching his new movie nearly a decade after he first broke out. “What I don’t want is this whole concept of it being a puzzle movie or Primer being a puzzle movie,” Carruth told the Times. “That’s not a fun little box to be in.”

Check out the trailer and judge for yourself. Upstream Color premieres at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, and will debut in New York in April before hitting digital and cable platforms.

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