Victoria Justice in ‘Fun Size’: The Next Tween Breakout? — TRAILER

ALTClimbing the ladder from young actor to respected thespian is no easy task. There is a strategy to evolving a career — someone who stars on a long running, kid-centric show probably shouldn’t suddenly pop up a Sundance indie about meth abuse and interspecies lovemaking, for instance (even thought it might sell a few tickets). The bridge film is key, and the next tween starlet to attempt the transition is Victoria Justice, star of the highly-successful Nickelodeon comedy Victorious. Her transition gamble? Fun Size, the feature debut of The OC, Chuck, and Gossip Girl creator Josh Schwartz.

Jugding from the first trailer for the film, Justice may have made the perfect choice. The film riffs on the Adventures in Babysitting formula: girl and friend want to go to a big party, but find themselves stuck with girl’s little brother. When he disappears, it’s up to them and a ragtag team of folk to track him down over one wiiiiiild night. Not Shakespeare, but a great comedic vehicle for everyone involved, including Justice, Suburgatory‘s Jane Levy, and Project X‘s Thomas Mann. The Halloween setting opens up the adventure to the door to wacky situations and colorful costumes (also, gamers: anyone pick up a Costume Quest vibe?), and with Schwartz at the helm, Fun Size looks to have a necessary edge lacking in most tween-centric entertainment.

Justice made a splash earlier this year with her indie sex comedy The First Time (note: no animals involved with that one), but she’s lucky to see Fun Size see release before that slightly more raunchy entry to her filmography. Look at her predecessors jump to the big screen: Miley Cyrus plaid it real safe with Hannah Montana: The Movie, Selena Gomez grew up just a tad with the rom-com Monte Carlo and Miranda Cosgrove is taking it slow with voiceover roles (Despicable Me) and a potential iCarly movie. Careerwise, Justice is just the underhand pitch needs to really demonstrate her skills — plus, it looks funny!

Check out the first trailer for Fun Size and look out for the film when it hits theaters October 26.

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