Watch Every Gory Death From Final Destination

The Final Destination movies are basically just a whole lot of filler around some tasty, tasty death scenes. Really, no one watches those films for their meaningful plots or compelling characters. With this new video, you can get straight to the juicy bits, and watch every death scene, from the most basic sudden bus to the most elaborate Rube Goldberg contraption, in one convenient package. Plus, the very finest in “people horrified and covered in blood” reaction shots.

Which movie has the best deaths? I’d say Two has the funniest (especially the pidgeons!), but The Final Destination is a close contender, with its awful CGI and early 3D where everything Shoots! Out! At! Your! Face! Plus, an homage to the horrifying Chuck Palahniuk book Haunted. Let us know which film is your favorite in the comments.

If this video doesn’t staunch your blood lust, Final Destination 5 crashes into theaters this Friday. Bring a friend with a strong stomach.

Source: Screened