What Will Be Christian Bale’s First Post-‘Dark Knight Rises’ Movie?


Christian BaleAll superheroes have origin stories. We’re fascinated with knowing where these gallant figures came from, how they got here, and who they were before they became such monumental warriors? But what about after they were such monumental warriors? What will eventually become of Superman? Spider-Man? BATMAN?

I guess that was kind of a hyperdramatic and slightly misleading intro to an article discussing Christian Bale’s post Dark Knight Rises projects, but c’est la vie. It’s still something everyone wants to know: what will Bale do after he’s done being Batman?

Apparently, and unsurprisingly, he’s not hard-pressed for options. The considerations Bale has on his plate includes, but is likely not limited to, the following list:

Darren Aronofksy’s Noah: an epic piece about the nautical zoologist of the Old Testament

A Relativity film entitled Out of the Furnace, to be directed by Scott Cooper

Spike Lee’s take on the psychosis-explosion Oldboy.

Michael Mann’s Gold, a contemporary treasure-rush thriller

The thirty-fifth remake of the Hollywood classic A Star is Born, directed by Clint Eastwood

Which and how many will Bale take? So far, nothing is confirmed. But hopes—Noah: definitely. Oldboy: very much. Gold: seems like a wild ride. Pretty much anything starring Christian Bale: yeah, I’ll see it.

Source: Variety