Will Forte Will Bring Fun to ‘Rock of Ages’

Corey MatthewsRock of Ages is gathering some pretty awesome moss. And by moss, I mean cast members. I guess that doesn’t make any sense—and I know the saying is “rolling stone,” which sort of muddles the metaphor as it’s also a completely separate music reference…forget all that. Will Forte is joining Rock of Ages.

The movie is based on musical, which is derived from a song, which was named for a 13th Century Jewish liturgical poem—or a Wyoming mountain range. In any event, it has an awesome cast: Alec Baldwin, Paul Giamatti and Bryan Cranston to name a few of its heaviest hitters.

Saturday Night Live‘s Forte will play a role at which I predict excellence: a TV news anchor, presumably reporting on the music scene that is the center of the film’s events. Traditionally in film, anchormen are thick-headed buffoons—there’s one movie in particular that stars an anchorman like that, but I can’t recall the name. In any event, Forte’s biggest comic strength is playing the vacant, blissfully ignorant type. Excitement is brewing.

The story will follow Julianne Hough’s small-town girl through a tumultuous ride in 1980s Hollywood. A love triangle will present itself between Hough, the established star played by Tom Cruise, and a rookie music artist, played by rookie actor Diego Gonzalez Boneta.

The cast also includes Mary J. Blige, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Malin Akerman and Russell Brand. In other words, this Rock will be one stone that you can throw through a glass house…I really don’t understand metaphors.

Source: Hollywood Reporter