Will Smith Talks ‘Men in Black 3′ —  EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


ALTWhere were you the last time a Men in Black film was released? I’ll tell you where I was: At a decrepit old theater on the Jersey Shore, putting off my high school summer reading. This was back in the days when Will Smith songs could actually be heard on modern radio stations, and Jaden Smith was just your average Hollywood multi-millionaire rugrat.

Well folks — times have changed. Will hasn’t been seen on the big screen since 2008’s Seven Pounds, big-screen summer blockbusters have become increasingly dark to meet the moviegoing public’s growing cynicism, and Will’s children Jaden and Willow legally own a portion of your soul. No, really: It’s in their contracts.

Thankfully, after a long delay, Men in Black is back to remind the world that summer popcorn flicks can be light-hearted, fun, engaging, and even family-friendly. Hollywood.com was able to screen the film earlier this month, and sat down with star Will Smith to discuss his newest badass alien adventure. Smith was very excited to re-join the franchise, but he did offer some words of warning: Watch out, Jaden.

The film won’t hit theaters until May 25, but you can check out Hollywood.com’s exclusive interview below. Be sure to check back later for our chats with Josh Brolin and director Barry Sonnenfeld.

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