Witness More Unnecessary Bumbling in ‘Johnny English Reborn’ Trailer

But really though, what happened to Mr. Bean? (This.) When did Rowan Atkinson become so bored with his awesome, hilarious persona that he had to resort to this hapless James Bond wannabe? (Answer: in 2003 when the first Johnny English flick hit.) Doesn’t he know Mike Myers sort of cornered the market on fumbling British spies who somehow manage to make it work? Yeah, baby. I went there. And if we’re going to get really particular, James Coburn beat Myers to it with In Like Flint, so Atkinson really has no business in this game. Even so, he’s roped along Dominic West and Rosamund Pike for a second installment of goofball sleuthing, dramatically titled Johnny English Reborn.

Source: Comingsoon

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