‘X-Men: First Class’ Director Matthew Vaughn Reteaming with ‘Kick-Ass’ Creator Mark Millar

Kick-AssEvery artist has his muse. Shakespeare had Anne Hathaway. Hugh Jackman has…Anne Hathaway. And it seems that Matthew Vaughn has Mark Millar.

Vaughn is the screenwriter/director who worked on films like X-Men: First Class, The Debt, Layer Cake, Stardust and (most importantly to this discussion) Kick-Ass. Millar is the comic book writer who created Kick-Ass in its original print incarnation. In 2010, Vaughn adapted the comic into an action/black comedy film starring Aaron Johnson, Nicolas Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Chloe Moretz. Vaughn’s passion for the creations of Millar do not stop with Kick-Ass. The director is currently deciding which of Millar’s projects to adapt next. His choices: Superior, a montly series that was created by Millar in 2010, and The Secret Service, which is a new comic being developed by Millar, Vaughn and Watchmen artist and co-creator David Gibbons).

Superior is the story of Simon, a young boy afflicted with multiple sclerosis as a result of an accident. One night, an alien monkey (are you hooked?) grants the boy his wish to become his comic book idol, the superhero Superior—the price, however, is his soul, as it turns out the alien monkey (hooked???) is actually a demon dealing with the boy on behalf of the Devil. However, the same deal is granted to Simon’s school bully, who becomes Superior’s arch enemy—there’s a lot going on, but it’s well-written, well-drawn, and unceasingly fun.

The Secret Service details are still undisclosed, but considering the talent of each of the three men involved (to the few of you who haven’t read or seen the movie version of Watchmen, you’ve got some mind-blowitry awaiting you), optimism is high.

Matthew Vaughn currently holds the film rights to both projects, and will reportedly supervise writing on Superior.

Source: THR