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Met Gala 2023: Full Recap

Last night saw an amazing showcase of fashion at the one and only Met Gala. We’ve got the full everything you need to know about last night’s affair!

The Met Gala 2023 

Many know the Met Gala as the night where people gather on social media to discuss, and judge, their favorite celeb’s outfits. What some may not know is that the Gala serves an important purpose in the art and fashion world.

This year, Michaela Coel, Dua Lipa, Penelope Cruz, and Roger Federer represented the Gala as the co-chairs. Each of these four individuals are at the forefront of their respective fields, and their presence made sure this year’s gala was one for the ages.

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After runway fashion in the entrance of the Gala, what happens next?

what even is the met gala? like what do they do in there?

— 🦇🩸anya🩸🦇 (@BUNGAC0W) April 24, 2023

Each year, the Met Gala is held the first week of May and is tied to the opening of the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit. The Gala raises money for the institute which features more than 33,000 pieces of clothing, jewelry, and accessories dating as far back as the 1400s. The Gala raises about 200 million dollars each year.

This year’s theme is not Karl Lagerfeld by chance, but because the yesterday was the opening exhibit focused on the life and contributions of Lagerfeld to the world of high fashion.

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Karl Who? The Legacy of Karl Lagerfeld

This year, the Institute celebrated the life of the famously influential and notoriously eccentric fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

Many may remember Lagerfeld as the designer who left his inheritence to the care of his cat, or for his book the Karl Lagerfeld Diet or even for his many quips. He was a German designer who rose to prominence. He very famously worked with brands such as Chanel, Fendi, and eventually branched out to create his own label.

Many historians agree that Lagerfeld is an important part of not only fashion history, but LGBT history as well. In fact, it may come as a shock to know that at one point, Chanel was a dying brand going quickly out of style. Lagerfeld is cited and praised reinventing Chanel, a then dying brand, and taking it to new heights.

However, with the many accomplishments of Lagerfeld, there comes the litany of controversies. To keep it short, one can summarize the fashion giant as fatphobic, misogynistic, against lgbt rights, anti-immigration, and even against the #metoo movement. Of course, this makes the Gala’s theme centered around a very polarizing figure, to say the least.

Despite this, many of the celebrities either leaned in to Karl’s legacy and showcased a variety of styles that night.

Stand Out Styles of the Evening

Many saw celebrities making modern remixes of his famous black ensemble and high white collar, homages to his beloved cat, Choupette, or even tongue in cheek displays breaking one of his many ‘fashion rules’.

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Karl Lagerfeld famously hated the color pink, and there were also some standout pink ensembles as well.

Social media also had fun with some other special guests.

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