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The Mousetrap Comes To Broadway


Unfortunately, I feel like I hear a lot less about plays that are coming to Broadway. However, today I’m going to tell you about one that I’m really excited for: The Mousetrap, a murder mystery play written by Agatha Christie. I personally first interacted with her work in middle school when I was assigned And Then There Were None. Her writing style kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. So when I heard about The Mousetrap, I couldn’t wait to do more research into it.

When is The Mousetrap coming to Broadway?

There currently isn’t much information out about exactly when The Mousetrap will hit Broadway, but we do know it will be this year. Keep an eye on its social media or sign up for updates on its website.

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The show’s history

The play was first shown to the public on the radio with the title Three Blind Mice. It had been written as a birthday present for Queen Mary and was broadcast in May of 1947. It was based on a short story she had written and she asked that to have it remain unpublished as long as it was still running in West End. The show originally opened in London’s West End in 1952 and ran consistently until the pandemic. It then re-opened on 17 May 2021.

Due to that, the story is still unpublished in the UK but appeared in a collection of stories in the US. On top of that request, in the UK, only one production can be performed annually on top of the already existing West End production. There also can’t be a film adaption until the West End production has been closed for at least six months.

The name of the play was changed at the insistence of the producer of a play called Three Blind Mice in West End. The rename came from Hamlet, where Hamlet calls his play, The Murder of Gonzago, “The Mousetrap” because he intends to trap Claudius.

The Mousetrap is the longest-running West End show and the longest-run of any play worldwide. In 2022, 10 million people saw the play in London.

Plot of The Mousetrap

The story follows seven strangers who are snowed in at a countryside guesthouse. There is news of a murder in London. A police officer arrives and the guests realize that a killer is among them. From there, one by one, the different, suspicious characters tell stories about their pasts.

While it isn’t based on a real story, Agatha Christie did take inspiration from a real case. The case she drew from surrounded Dennis O’Neill’s death after he and his brother were abused by their foster parents. 

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What else do we know?

Those involved with the production have kept very quiet. We don’t know who has been cast yet. In all honesty, it was even hard to find information about the plot. There is a tradition where, at the end of the play, those watching are asked to not reveal the murderer so the story isn’t spoiled for future audiences. That tradition will continue on Broadway. 

The secrecy around this play has me more and more interested. There’s something about not having information that makes you want to learn more. But here at Hollywood.com, we’ll keep you updated with everything we do know as soon as we know it!


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