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Andrew Lincoln’s Feelings For His Wife Will Make You Fall In Love With Him

Andrew Lincoln doesn’t have a smartphone, in fact he says he has something better – his wife.

The British actor who plays former lawman Rick Grimes on TV show The Walking Dead, has no use for a smartphones or social media instead he admits he’s reliant on his wife Gael Anderson, daughter of Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson.

Gael and Andrew have been married since 2006, and Apple Martin, daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, was one of their flower girls.

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But more than his soulmate, super organised Gael also occupies the technology-shaped hole in her 42-year-old husband’s life.

“She’s the reason I’m able to do this mad job. She has built a life in Atlanta while I’m away filming. I don’t have a smartphone or apps or anything and people ask me why. I say: ‘My wife is my app, ‘” Lincoln tells British newspaper The Guardian.

“She’s magnificent. She’s in the most honourable profession in the world – she’s a full-time mum,” gushes Lincoln. The couple have two children, Matilda and Arthur.

The former This Life actor was speaking about his wife and his role in the hit AMC show he was cast in as a relative unknown back in 2010. The Walking Dead is so popular now that 14.6 million fans tuned in for the season six premiere.

TV’s foremost zombie-slayer also admits he has no time for social media. He doesn’t tweet memes or Instagram his meals.

“I’ve got nothing to say and I’m just too busy. But I don’t get it – people taking photos of their own food? That’s very odd behaviour,” he deadpans.

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Season six of the cult show has seen Lincoln’s character become less like the uber moral Gary Cooper character Rick Grimes was based on, and more of the type of villain his dogged group are often seen at odds with.

Lincoln won’t comment on whether Grimes is going to be written out, but it seems he may be considering an exit strategy from the show as its success is preventing him from taking up other opportunities.

“The fun of my job is I get to dress up for a living and play different people,” he says. “That dream has been thwarted because of commitments to the show. The window of opportunity is so small.”

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