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Camila Cabello Says Paparazzi ‘Make Her Feel Vulnerable’

Camila Cabello is taking a stand against paparazzi in a new, vulnerable statement shared on Instagram Saturday, April 2. The singer, songwriter and dancer condemned the persistence of the paparazzi and the pressure to have the perfect body.

Heartbreaking stories like this is why Hollywood.com started the #BanPaparazzi movement. We stand with our celebrity friends in their right not to be harassed anymore just so someone else can make a quick buck. We have chosen to not post another paparazzi photo taken without consent. We are proud to be the first major entertainment news publication to take this stance. 

Camila Cabello pens a personal and vulnerable message 

In a lengthy post, the Havana singer and Cinderella star wrote about an interaction she had with paparazzi while trying to enjoy a beach day in Miami. Being continuously followed by paparazzi negatively affects Camila’s mental health despite her making the necessary steps to better herself. After spending the day getting ‘beach ready’ with a new bikini and a “whole f**cking outfit,” she couldn’t even enjoy herself because of feeling violated by paparazzi and the constant pressure to look perfect for photos. 


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Camila says, “I remind myself of this, listen to podcasts on intuitive eating, follow women who accept their cellulite, stretch marks, bellies, bloating, and weight fluctuations… and still, I’m a single woman in her 20s in the middle of a s— ton of promo and I want to feel like I look ‘good.”

“I’m not yet at the point in my journey where I can not give a f—,” Camila added.

The saddest part of Camila’s statement is her genuine desire to get back to her carefree 7-year-old self on the beach. “I’m mourning her today. Happy, silly, breathing, pretending to be a mermaid, FREE.”

These words are truly heartbreaking, but unfortunately reign true to women all around the world. Here’s to hoping we can all get back to being mermaids on the beach––free, happy, and carefree.

This statement is not the first time Camila has spoken about body image. Last year she posted on TikTok saying, “being at war with your body is so last season” and was praised by fans for loving her “curves, cellulite and stretch marks.”

@camilacabelloi luv my body♬ original sound – Camila Cabello
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Camila Cabello has been busy working on her highly anticipated upcoming album Familia, which features collaborations with Willow, Ed Sheeran, Maria Becerra and many more.

Celebs relate to Camila’s experience

Paris Hilton commented on Camila’s post saying “🥺This made me cry. Thank you for writing this, so important for people to hear. You are beautiful inside and out🥰”

This also isn’t the first time Paris has made a comment about the paparazzi. She’s been throwing shade for years, like at one Us Weekly event in 2006. 

Former Rupaul’s Drag Race contestant and drag queen Valentina sent love to Camila saying “You’re so beautiful ❤️.”

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Emily in Paris actress Lily Collins related to Camila’s experience and sent her positive vibes 

“I feel you and am sending all the love and positive vibes your way ❤️❤️”. 

Singer Leona Lewis said “Such a beautiful share❤️keep nurturing that inner child, sending love xxx.”

Kesha, who has had her fair share of harassment from the media about her body, said “Ur a fucking queen and are perfect. I also relate my love❤️the patriarchy wins when we starve ourselves… and for who? NAH. Thank you for the honesty.”

This instance of paparazzi stalking celebrities is nothing new, and even earlier this year, 

Blake Lively called out the paparazzi for taking unapproved pictures of her children, calling it “disturbing.” 


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While we are still working to change the culture around paparazzi and body image in pop culture, it’s refreshing to see Hollywood celebrities like Camila stand up for what is right. See how you can support your favorite celebs with the #BanPaparazzi movement. 

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