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22 Things We Covet In Taylor Swift’s ’22’ Music Video

Taylor Swift '22' Music Video

Today is March 13, and 13 is Taylor Swift‘s favorite number, so Taylor Swift decided to release a new music video today. Since the music video is for her song “22,” I personally think it would have been wise to wait until the 22nd, but maybe that’s just me. 

When Swift is not getting called a boy-crazy harlot, she’s criticized for being too young/innocent/naive/fairy princessy. And yet, with “22” she makes a pretty good case for being young and fun and free. Contained in a perfectly framed Instagram world, Swift and her friends — who are her real-life besties, she says — bounce around, wear great clothes, and generally have a fantastic time. And I can’t help but be a little bit jealous. 

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Twenty-two has come and gone, leaving me a sad, cynical mid-twenty-year-old who is disillusioned with the idea of being “happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.” That’s too many emotions! Can’t we just pick one?! 

Anyway, here’s the video, and below are 22 things in this video that I want in my life. Now would be good. 

1. Bangs. Boy, does Taylor Swift look good with bangs! They are so fun and fresh! Too bad I made five of my closest friends all pinky swear to say “No” if I ever ask them whether I should get bangs again. 

2. That’s a pretty great fedora, I’d take one of them.

3. Buttercream frosting… Mmmmm.

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4. Friends! Baking with so many friends! 

5. Those heart glasses are adorable.

6. Floral tank top blouse! 

7. Confetti gun! 

8. Dance skillz. Did you know T Swift could krump?

9. Beanie! That beanie looks awesome with her bangs. I think I need both (see No. 1).

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10. UGH BEACH SUNSET. It’s cold here in New York. Get here now summer.

11. That trampoline party looks like a great time. 

12. Is that a private pool? I’ve always wanted a pool in my backyard. 

13. Who’s pickup truck is that? I want one of those, too. 

14. Whoa cat ears. Is it Halloween? Or a themed party? Or did you just decide to accessorize with feline ears? If the latter, your confidence is pretty spot-on.

15. Are there twinkly lights on your swingset? I want that. 

16. Oooh off-the-shoulder glittery sweater!

17. Sequined skirt!

18. Is Ke$ha your DJ? That’s baller. 

19. More confetti!

20. Nighttime bike riding — but this goes back to No. 6. 


22. The boy rocking a burgundy velvet blazer could probably be my best friend, if he wanted. 

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