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Bello was due to meet Calley the day he died

The veteran film boss headed up three major Hollywood Studios during his career and produced films such as Catch-22, The Remains of the Day and The Da Vinci Code.

His industry pals have spoken out to share treasured memories of the executive, with Bello revealing she was scheduled to meet Calley the day he died.

She tells the Hollywood Reporter, “I was supposed to meet him at 9 a.m… and he died at 4 in the morning. He was struggling in the last couple of years, but I have faith that he is playing jazz and dancing around with a lot of beautiful women somewhere…

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“He was an inspiration to so many people because he treated others with dignity and a sense of humour and knew they were perfect and lovely the way they were. He was a teacher in so many ways, incredibly human and incredibly spiritual.”

Meanwhile, Delaney reveals she visited the ailing 82-year-old shortly before his tragic passing.

She says, “We were soul mates, and I don’t know why… We were inseparable ever since (meeting), and I was with him on Sunday right before he died.

“He was ready to go. He had been sick for over two years. But he was not going to go until it was on his own terms. He didn’t take anything too seriously – and that was one thing I loved about him: he had a sense of life and death in a way that was just natural.”

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