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Gabrielle Union almost gave up movie role because of boyfriend’s basketball schedule

Union has always been a staunch supporter of the sportsman’s Florida team the Miami Heat, so when the Bring It On star landed a part in the indie movie she faced a tough choice – either jet to New York for the project or stick around to watch her man duke it out during the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

She tells the New York Daily News, “I was like, ‘The Heat may be in the finals, but let me see.'”

The actress ultimately ended up taking the job, but things turned out for the best because Wade’s team ended up losing the championship game to the Dallas Mavericks of Texas.

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She adds, “I did miss a lot of the finals that year, the Heat lost. But this movie was my win.”

Two days later Wade flew to visit his leading lady on set, and director Brian Savelson jokes the athlete’s presence caused a minor disruption: “It was impossible to focus for those couple of days. All the crew wanted to do was take pictures with D-Wade. Gabrielle kept sending him on errands so we could get work done.”

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