U.K. ‘Suburbicon’ Premiere Cancelled Because George Clooney Can’t Attend


The U.K. premiere of George Clooney and Matt Damon’s new movie Suburbicon has been cancelled, because neither of them could be there.

Clooney was expected to hit the red carpet in London on Tuesday (31Oct17), but he has pulled out of the screening due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

Premiere co-ordinators have assured WENN new dad George’s decision has nothing to do with health or family matters, stating, “Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control George Clooney is no longer able to travel to the U.K. for the premiere of Suburbicon, so it is with regret we have cancelled the event… There won’t be another premiere arranged at a later date I’m afraid.”

The premiere organizers desperately tried to reach out to co-stars Damon and Julianne Moore to fill in for their director, but both actors’ shooting schedules would not allow them to make a last minute trip to London.

The film has already been released in America to mixed reviews.