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BBC Orders Adaptation of “Lord of the Flies”

One of the most iconic works of literature in the English language is about to receive a new adaptation for the screen. William Golding’s classic novel Lord of the Flies is set to be adapted for the small screen by Jack Thorne for BBC. However, this new adaptation promises to bring a fresh take on the story.

The Legacy of Lord of the Flies

 The story follows a group of British schoolboys stranded on a deserted island after their plane crashes. As they struggle to survive and find a way off the island, their society begins to break down. Soon, they descend into chaos.

Lord of the Flies is a novel that is often studied in schools around the world, and is known for its exploration of the darker side of human nature. It explores how class and social standing becomes meaningless when one is a situation where privileges are irrelevant. Explorations of class has been a common theme in Golding’s work, and it’ll be interesting to see what direction the production team goes with this adaptation.

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Jack Horne Set to Lead Adaptation for BBC

Jack Thorne, who is set to adapt the novel for BBC, is no stranger to adapting literary works to other mediums. Thorne is best known for his work on the stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. He has also written for several popular television series, including ‘His Dark Materials’ and ‘The Virtues’.

The series will be produced by the same team behind Sex Education. No casting details or release date 

The announcement of the new adaptation has generated a lot of excitement among fans of the novel. Many are curious to see how Thorne will approach the story. Some are also hoping that the new adaptation will introduce the story to a new generation of readers and viewers.

Not the First Rodeo for Lord of the Flies Adaptation

The most famous adaptation is the 1963 film directed by Peter Brook, which is considered a classic of British cinema. The film  praised its stark portrayal of the boys’ descent into savagery and for its use of non-professional actors.

In 1990, another adaptation of the novel hit the silver screen. Then, Harry Hook directed this version. Another modern adaptation that is a bit more indirect is the Amazon Prime Original Series Yellowjackets. One of its biggest inspirations is Golding’s Lord of the Flies. Both stories are a stark reminder that democracy is fragile. There is a thin line between the safety of society and utter chaos. However, this production marks the first time a production will directly adapt the story for a television series. 

The new adaptation of Lord of the Flies is sure to generate a lot of discussion and debate among fans of the novel. Some will be excited to see a new take on the story,

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Others may of any changes made to the source material. Regardless of how fans react, one thing is certain: William Golding’s Lord of the Flies remains a timeless and powerful work of literature that continues to resonate with readers and viewers alike.

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