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Jacksonville Movie Theaters: A Complete Guide

It’s time to go to the movies and enjoy all the latest new movie releases and current movies in theatres! Check out to see if we’ve covered your city! This week we’re focusing on Jacksonville movie theaters

In a city like Jacksonville that spreads far and wide, from the Atlantic Ocean to the St. Johns River, there are so many local movie theaters near you to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start. Just searching “movie theaters near me” is overwhelming AF––what’s the difference between one theater and another? Is it worth the trek across town to go to one local movie theater with reclining seats versus the one around the corner? Do I want to ball out and get drinks served at my seat at a multiplex cinema, or keep it chill at an independent movie theater that has more unique food offerings?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help make your decision easier. We’ve narrowed it down to a handful of our favorite local movie theaters in Jacksonville to help you make the most of your Jacksonville movie theater experience. From local theaters in the heart of Riverside and San Marco to convenient and popular chain locations by the Beaches, Town Center, Northside, and Orange Park, there’s something for everyone in every corner of Jacksonville.

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Grab some movie theater popcorn and get comfy as we dive into our Jacksonville movie theater guide!

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Jacksonville Movie Theaters: AMC Orange Park

Wrap up a day of shopping and fun at the mall with a trip to AMC Orange Park. Conveniently located within the Orange Park Mall, Hernandez says it’s his “favorite place to watch a movie.

As a resident of Murray Hill, AMC Orange Park is the most convenient theater to visit when Sun-Ray Cinema isn’t showing whatever movie I want to see. I’ve seen Everything Everywhere All At Once and Men, and enjoyed a very comfy reclining seat, delicious popcorn, and a refreshing and oversized Diet Coke.

Seeing ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ via the Hollywood.com Ticket App/ CREDIT: Jaime Hutkin

“The reclining seats are pretty awesome,” says Naomi. “Ngl I had to force myself to sit up because they were so comfortable.”

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AMC Orange Park is located right next to a TGI Friday’s, along with plenty of other restaurant options perfect for family night or date night.

AMC Orange Park

1910 Wells Rd

Orange Park, FL 32073


Jacksonville Movie Theaters: Sun-Ray Cinema

A Jacksonville staple since 1927, the Sun-Ray Cinema is smack dab in the middle of the hip Five Points district. Enjoy evening showtimes of whatever is playing, followed by a nightcap at one of the many bars on the block (Neon Moon is a personal fave).


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 “NOT at all like the big chain movie theaters,” says Joy on Google. “I absolutely love this place. It only has 2 screens so showings are limited, but the place makes up for it. The seats are comfortable, everything is clean, the picture and sound are outstanding. They also have an extensive menu that accommodates all diets. The customer service is great and it’s completely affordable. I would highly recommend.”

Sun-Ray Cinema has a delicious array of food and drink options. Grab the popcorn and season it to your heart’s content with the popcorn seasoning bar. Order a pan pizza or a pretzel with cheese and have it delivered right to your seat. Enjoy a wide array of sweet and savory treats, including plenty of vegan options.


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“I love watching a great movie and then in the middle of it, have delicious pizza and beer delivered to me,” says Rob on Google.

Plus, if you need a pit stop in the bathroom, get ready to escape to the cult favorite TV show Twin Peaks. The bathroom is inspired by the iconic Black Lodge and is the perfect spot for a mirror pic.


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Sun-Ray Cinema

1028 Park St

Jacksonville, FL 32204

Jacksonville Movie Theaters: The San Marco Theatre

On the other side of the river, you’ll find The San Marco Theatre, an art deco-style movie house erected in 1938 and described by Robert as “a neighborhood treasure!”

“We have been going [to] the San Marco Theatre since we were kids and now we bring our kids too,” says Christina on Google. “Def one of our favorite places… food is great, beer is cold, seats [are] comfy & it’s got that family owned feel which is the best.”