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Savannah Movie Theaters: A Complete Guide

It’s time to go to the movies and enjoy all the latest new movie releases out now in theatres! This week, we’re focusing on Savannah movie theaters. 

In a city as big and bountiful as Savannah, there are so many local movie theaters near you to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start. Just searching “movie theaters near me” is overwhelming AF––what’s the difference between one theater and another? Is it worth the trek across town to go to one local movie theater with reclining seats versus the one around the corner? Do I want to ball out and get drinks served at my seat, or keep it chill at an independent movie theater with drinks and unique food offerings? With over [8] movie theatres within the Savannah area, it’s no wonder you don’t know where to start!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help make your decision easier. We’ve narrowed it down to 7 of our favorite local movie theaters in Savannah to help you make the most of your Savannah movie theater experience.

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Grab some movie theater popcorn and get comfy as we dive into our Savannah movie theater guide!

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Savannah Movie Theaters: AMC Classic Savannah 10

AMC Classic Savannah 10 opened in March 2017 after buying the theater from Carmike Cinemas, which opened in 1993. Over the years the theater had upgraded from traditional theater seating to the Stadium seating, which they still have today. While they may not be the new fancy luxe recliners, they are still quite comfortable with plenty of legroom. 


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One of the best things to do at the AMC Classic Savannah 10 is get all dressed up for that perfect date night. Whether it’s in your finest attire, or a fun costume to help support your favorite movie, getting dressed up can really make it a one of a kind experience. 

Unlike many other AMC theaters, the AMC Classic Savannah 10 doesn’t have many of the high end amenities such as the McGuffins Bar, or premiere seating. However, you can still get many of the other classic concessions such as popcorn, hot dogs and nachos. One of the best feature is the annual refillable popcorn bucket that many locals get as their once a year treat. 

One Google reviewer said “Great experience, friendly staff with that traditional movie theater feeling! We were in Theater 10 and it was big and very clean. I’ll be coming to this one from now on. I missed movie theaters like this!”

AMC Classic Savannah 10

511 Stephenson Ave

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Savannah, GA 31405

Savannah Movie Theaters: AMC Classic Savannah 11

Whether you are looking for a day out with friends shopping at the Savannah Mall, Bass Pro Shop or taking self defense classes at the KATMA Defense: Kombative Academy, there is no better way than to end the day at the AMC Classic Savannah 11, located just across the street from the mall. The theater features many of the same amenities as other AMC theaters, from traditional tasty treats, to a family friendly atmosphere. The one thing that separates them from other theaters in this area is their BigD large screen format auditorium. 


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One way the AMC Classic Savannah 11 gives back to the community is by working closely with Working Wonders Dog Training. They allow the trainers to bring the animals to the movies as part of their training to ensure that the animal will be able to handle the loud booming coming from the surround sound systems. This makes AMC Classic Savannah 11 one of top three theaters to go to.

Like many other AMC theaters, AMC Classic Savannah 11 will often hold movie premiere red carpet events. This can be a great way for local independent filmmakers, and small studios to get their work seen by a large scale audience. It is also a great way to get the local community to not only watch a really good independent film, but to draw in that new blood that so many theaters oftentimes have a difficult time doing, especially since the recent global events wreaked havoc on the industry.