Aronofsky Aims To Take on Noah’s Ark Next

Darren AronofskyDarren Aronofsky is back on the market. He’s shopping around his Noah’s Ark epic, an “edgy re-telling” of the original story. There’s one big stipulation though, he needs about $130 million to make it.

Aronfsky already wrote the “big fantasy epic” and he’s handing it over to John Logan for a re-write, and while normally the idea of a contemporary film based on a biblical epic doesn’t really strike me as intriguing, I’m certainly interested in seeing what Aronkfsy would do with such a well-known story. If you’ve seen any of his other films, you know the man’s not really a fan of the expected. I’m practically still out of breath from the number of times I gasped while watching Black Swan.

According to Deadline, potential backers include Paramount, Fox and Summit and Aronofsky is really looking for an opportunity to completely create a new world on film. I’m thinking with the words edgy and fantasy attached, we can expect a little of that other-worldly flavor we experienced in The Fountain.

Aronofksy’s idea of fantasy doesn’t seem to fit into the realm of most people’s concept of dragons, fairies and castles. He’s always just a little outside our frames of reference, which could be perfect for Noah’s Ark. There’s a reason the only attempt at the tale was Evan Almighty — it’s just sort of a dry, over-told story. If Aronofsky gets the chance to really dive into this project — with the buzz thanks to Black Swan, it’s likely a studio will bet on him — and if he doesn’t get distracted by another potential project, we could be looking at something that definitely merits the word “epic.”

Source: AV Club