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‘Freaky’ stars go Behind the Scenes of their Horror/Comedy

While some people hate the idea of combining horror with comedy, it kind of makes sense, if it’s done well.

Freaky tries to do that.

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Millie (Kathryn Newton) is a run-of-the-mill High School student. Has friends, does well, but doesn’t stand out in any way. She even jokes that in the horror, she would be the first one to die. Well, of course, that happens, as the “Blissfield Butcher” (Vince Vaughn) stabs her. Instead of dying, the two switch bodies (in what Director Christopher Landon calls Freaky Friday meets Friday the 13th). Millie, now played by Vince Vaughn has to convince her friends to help him and save the day while the Butcher gets to terrorize everyone as a high school girl.

Vince Vaughn is producing a documentary!

Now, this isn’t the next Halloween, but combining comedy with Horror is a roller coaster of emotions and one that teens would love to go on. In the above interview, the two actors discuss what it was like to play two very different characters, what it was like to be in a horror film, and what the scares are like.


Freaky releases in theaters on November 13, 2020.

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