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Kate Bosworth Enjoying Larger ‘Superman’ Salary

Kate Bosworth is grateful to be playing Lois Lane in the new millennium, after original Superman star Margot Kidder declared her salary was tiny.

The 23-year-old blonde takes over Kidder‘s role as the Daily Planet journalist in the upcoming movie Superman Returns and was humbled to meet the 57-year-old actress during filming in Australia.

Bosworth says, “She is an incredible lady and has such a youthful spirit and such light about her. She’s this petite, sweet being.

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“I remember asking her what it was like for her doing the original Lois Lane and she said, ‘Honey, we didn’t get paid anything.’ That was the first and foremost thought in her mind and I thought how amazing is it for her that she’s getting flown from Australia to this huge movie set.

“I’m sure it was very different for her from when she was doing the role.”

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