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Netflix Drops Trailer for ‘tick, tick…BOOM!’ and Fans Go Off

Hey Hollywooders! We’re feeling pretty HollyGOOD after watching Netflix’s new trailer for the upcoming movie musical tick, tick…BOOM!

tick, tick…BOOM! stars Andrew Garfield in the lead role and also features Vanessa Hudgens, Alexandra Shipp, Robin de Jesús, and Joshua Henry. The film was written by Steven Levenson and directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda is known for his creation of Broadway musicals like Hamilton and In the Heights, and has even written music for Hollywood films like Moana and the upcoming Encanto. However, tick, tick…BOOM! marks Lin-Manuel Miranda’s feature directorial debut!

tick, tick…BOOM! Is based on the semi-autobiographical stage musical of the same name by Jonathan Larson.

What to expect from tick, tick…BOOM! 

tick, tick…BOOM! is based on the life of Rent playwright Jonathan Larson, portrayed by Andrew Garfield in the film. Netflix describes the character of Jon as “a promising theater composer [navigating] love, friendship, and the pressure to create something great before time runs out.”

Alexandra Shipp (Love, Simon, X-Men: Apocalypse) portrays Jon’s girlfriend Susan, while Robin de Jesús (Rent, Wicked) plays his best friend Michael.

According to Variety, tick, tick…BOOM! takes place five years before Rent’s first performance (and Jonathan Larson’s death). The story is about Jon’s struggle having not yet achieved success in his career as he approaches 30 and feels he is losing the time to do so.

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As seen in the trailer, Jon works at the Moondance Diner by day but is creating scripts and music by night. He has watched a number of his friends die from the AIDS epidemic and doesn’t want to be next without having created something meaningful.

tick, tick…BOOM! is bound to be full of music and dancing numbers from Andrew Garfield and the rest of the cast. Because of this, Variety described the character of Jon as Andrew Garfield’s “most demanding screen role to date.”  

The first song from the soundtrack was released on Monday October 4. “30/90” is the opening track, featuring Andrew Garfield, Joshua Henry, Vanessa Hudgens, Robin de Jesús, Alexandra Shipp, and Mj Rodriguez.

The track starts with racing piano music and introduces Jon’s desire to stop time and take control over his life. Jon sings back and forth with the other characters about his sour view of getting older and time passing. Early on in the song, he says “Lines on your face are getting longer/ Feel like you’re treading water/ But the riptide’s getting stronger…”

Listen to the movie’s first single here:

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Relatable reactions to the tick, tick…BOOM! trailer

Fans quickly took to social media to share their thoughts on the new tick, tick…BOOM! trailer.

One Twitter user said that they have the tick, tick…BOOM! trailer playing on loop.

This TikTok user said that she’s excited to see the film and how Lin-Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut plays out!

@theatreislifeCan’t wait! #ticktickboom #moviemusicals #musicaltheatre♬ 30/90 (from “tick, tick… BOOM!” Soundtrack from the Netflix Film) – Andrew Garfield & Joshua Henry & Vanessa Hudgens

Ced said that although they aren’t a fan of musicals, they are looking forward to streaming tick, tick…BOOM! 

The release of the new tick, tick…BOOM! trailer and “30/90” literally had Emmeline jumping for joy! (Can we blame her??)

@emmelineblytheYes, I am ok- OMIGOSH HIS ✨VOICE✨ #fyp #netflixx #ticktickboom #amdrewgarfield #linmanuelmiranda #jonathanlarson #rent #moviemusical #newtrailer #4u♬ original sound – Emmeline Blythe

This fan said that she can’t wait to see Andrew Garfield bring the character of Jon to life on the big screen.

When does tick, tick…BOOM! come out?

tick, tick…BOOM!  will be playing in select movie theaters starting November 12 before streaming on Netflix November 19.

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