‘New Year’s Eve’ Nabs Abigail Breslin

Abigail BreslinAnd so it begins. After the great success of Valentine’s Day, New Line Cinema and director Garry Marshall are preparing a pseudo-sequel called New Year’s Eve. Lea Michele of Glee fame is making her feature film debut in the ensemble rom-com and the next said to be circling the project is Abigail Breslin, she of the adorable Little Miss Sunshine and of the kick ass Zombieland.

And that is how every flipping little casting announcement from here on out shall go. It’s like Tower Heist all over again. We get one or two more actors joining the film. We remind everyone about the film. Then we list everyone else already announced. Then we talk about the recent addition’s past work and what they bring to the table.

I’m pretty sure we could make a Mad Lib out of this and start filling in the names:

__________ has joined the cast of _________! You might remember him/her from their turn in ___________! What a witty one liner they had! They join the previosuly announced cast that includes ___________, __________, and ___________! Originally set to direct was __________ but _________ has taken over the duties. The studio is hoping for a release date in ___________ so be on the look out for _____________ ___________!

I’m just going to keep linking articles to past articles, which link to even older articles, until this whole thing is so interconnected and linked up you think we’re in some redneck version of Inception.

Source: Variety