10 Signs Your Life Is Like A Martin Scorsese Movie

Martin Scorsese tends to make movies about people in very dark situations, but even if you have a happy life it could be like one of his movies. Want to know for sure if you live in a Martin Scorsese universe? Here are 10 signs you might as well be Leonardo DiCaprio or Robert De Niro!

1. You’ve had a crazy mentor who has tried to give you advice, but just didn’t make any sense.

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2. You’ve worked in an insane asylum or stayed in one.

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3. You don’t have the healthiest marriage.

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4. You’re a cop surrounded by questionable people in the force.

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5. You come across a lot of sketchy people while working the third shift.

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6. You have a love for the history of film.

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7. You’re always up for a new challenge.

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8. You have seeked revenge for someone’s death.


9. You job relies on your high tolerance of pain.

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10. You just got out of prison and you’re on a mission…

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