The One Thing About ‘Captain America: Civil War’ You Probably Didn’t Notice

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard a bit about Captain America: Civil War. If you have seen the movie, then you’re probably overloaded. It was basically Avengers 3 (and better than ever). There were many moments to dissect and analyze. If you’ve read the comics, you are already more informed than the rest of us. If you just love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’re probably wondering about many moments that seemed to stand out. Like that strange moment that happened when Bucky and T’Challa were fighting hand-to-hand. If you haven’t seen Civil War yet, READ NO FURTHER. There are spoilers ahead.


Along the lines of Bucky, this film gave us an even deeper look into the character. He is basically the central point of the entire fight between Captain America and Iron Man, though poor Tony didn’t really know that until the end. YouTube user Mr Sunday Movies compiled a list of Easter eggs and one about Bucky sticks out. Civil War begins in Siberia, in 1991, with Bucky still under Hydra control. A Hydra agent wakes up the Winter Solider using a series of trigger words. If you were wondering where those trigger words that turn Bucky into the Winter Solider came from, we’ve got the answer for you.


As shown twice in the film, there are ten trigger words to initiate this change from Bucky to killing machine. They may have seemed slightly random (especially if you only watched the film once), but some of these words have special meanings. One, nine, and seventeen are a pretty clear indication of the year Bucky was born (1917). Freight car is a nod to Bucky’s believed death after falling off the train. And then homecoming is a nod to next year, with Marvel debuting a standalone Spider-Man film, aptly titled Spider-Man: Homecoming. Did you catch those references the first time around? We sure didnt!

To see more spoilers, Easter Eggs, and a breakdown of Civil War, check our Mr Sunday Movies video: