19 Things You Should Never Say To A ‘Hunger Games’ Fan

If you’re an avid Hunger Games fan, you’ve probably had some major blowouts with friends who can’t seem to understand how epic the franchise is. For whatever reason, the commentary on greed, wealth, power and excessive consumerism goes over their heads. You are constantly told, that the series can’t hold a candle to Harry Potter, or even worse that Twilight is much better. (Side-eye.)  It’s time to put a stop to all of the absurd things that Hunger Games haters say! Some *spoilers* ahead.

1. “The Mockingjay is a ridiculous symbol.”


Mockingjays literally represent rebels, there isn’t a better symbol for revolution than that.

2. “Katniss’ weapon is a bow and arrow?! Really, she couldn’t get anything better than that?”


That little bow and arrow would lay you out before you could even take a step.

3. “Twilight is better.”


How about NO.

4. “Katniss doesn’t deserve Peeta. She’s way too mean.”


She’s not mean, she’s just trying to survive this horrible atrocity. Katniss doesn’t have time to be worried about likability.

5. “The districts should have revolted against the Capitol a long time ago.”


Um, they tried to, which is how the Hunger Games was born.

6. “Citizens of the Capitol are way too over the top.”


Duh, that’s the point, while the other districts are starving and suffering, they live in excessive luxury.

7. “The Catching Fire plot was so predictable. Big whoop, another Hunger Games, the author could have tried a little harder.”


Oh really? You knew that Katniss and the other tributes were going to have to return to the games? I think not.

8. “Katniss definitely should have run off with Gale when she had the chance.”


Please let us all know where they would have gone.

9. “Katniss has a terrible singing voice. I covered my ears when she sang to Rue.”


Your soul is dark and full of terror.

10. “I’m glad Prim was killed in Mockingjay, it made the books more realistic.”


WHAT?!!! That was the worst thing that happened in the entire franchise.

11. “There is no way District 13 could have actually survived.”


People can survive lots of things if only they have the will and ingenuity to do so.

12. “Katniss would have never survived her first Hunger Games over the other tributes.”


But she did!

13. “Katniss should have never volunteered as tribute.”


So she should have just let Prim go to her death? That makes zero sense.

14. “Seriously, Prim’s name was only in the reaping once, what is the likelihood that she would have actually be chosen.”


Have you never studied odds and probability? There was always a chance.

15. “The studio looks really greedy for dividing the last movie in two.”


Mockingjay is a very robust book, they had to take time to tell the story properly. Plus its pretty much a standard these days.

16. “Finnick and Annie would have never been together.”


What basis do you have for this statement?

17. “Haymitch is the worst coach ever.”

He’s definitely a bit rough around the edges but he makes up for it tenfold!

18. “The Hunger Games films aren’t violent enough.”


Everything doesn’t need to be as gory as possible.

19. “Ugh, I’m so glad this will be all over in November.”


The Hunger Games will never be over!!


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