This ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Fan Theory Might Explain Apocalypse’s Original Power


The new X-Men prequel,  X-Men: Apocalypse shows Apocalypse played by Oscar Isaac, the first ever mutant resurrected, on a mission to start the actual apocalypse. The thing that makes this mutant so powerful is that he has a combination of powers as a result of stealing other mutant’s powers over the years. But what was his original power?

Photo: Tumblr/Marvel Enterprise

This answer isn’t given in the movie, but one fan theory on Reddit gives a very interesting answer that ties Apocalypse to one of the future X-Men heroes.

“In the movie, Apocalypse has the power to transfer his consciousness and powers into other mutants so that he can gain their powers,” writes Jimmy Talent on Reddit “so I’m thinking that originally his powers were just the same as Rogue’s until he met another mutant that has the ability to enhance the powers of mutants which changed Apocalypse’s powers into a stronger more permanent version of what he could originally do. Then, he used his transference to steal that mutant’s powers so he could recruit his horseman and continue to make himself more powerful.”

In case you don’t remember, Rogue was played by Anna Paquin in the original X-Men trilogy. She was able to take the powers of anyone she touched, which is why she wore gloves and avoided physical contact. She used her powers for good, but maybe this is a foreshadowing that she can become a villain in the future. (She’s a villain when she is initially introduced in the comics.) Either way, thinking about Rogue would explain a lot when it comes to Apocalypse and how he became so powerful!

Photo: Tumblr/Marvel Enterprise

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