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10 Reasons Why Samantha From ‘Sex And The City’ Rocked Our World

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Samantha Jones was the sassiest, most sexually adventurous member of Carrie Bradshaw’s squad on Sex and the City. Her bold personality and social savvy way of life had us hooked from episode one, up until the series ended. To this day, re-runs of her antics still make us laugh and gasp. Carrie may have been the star, but Samantha truly stole the show and here’s why.


1. She was a NYC publicist with access to every exclusive VIP event/opening/award show/party in the Big Apple.

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2. Her style was always on point.

3. When she got cancer, she made the best of it and used her hair loss as an opportunity to rock some seriously amazing looks.

4. She wasn’t shy or ashamed to be loud and proud about her sexual exploits.

5. She threw the best parties and girls nights.

6. Samantha could always be counted on to get the other ladies out of their comfort zone. (Especially Charlotte).

7. Plus, she was a phenomenally loyal friend.

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8. She never put a guy before her own well-being and happiness.

9. Her self-confidence is the kind of stuff #goals are made of.

10. As long as they were a good time, Samantha adored everyone!

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