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Your Favorite Moments from ‘The Bachelorette’ Season Finale

Hey Hollywooders! We are back with your HollyGOOD news and can’t go another day without sharing your favorite moments from The Bachelorette season finale. It was quite a finale, with so many ups and downs that had everyone talking!

We cried happy and sad tears, then laughed as we watched the bachelorette Katie Thurston bounce back from a tumultuous breakup and ultimately found THE ONE in Blake Moynes. So, let’s dive into the iconic moments that made up the finale, and the best fan reactions to them.

The Bachelorette finale’s dramatic and heartbreaking exit of Greg 

The Bachelorette fans all over the world were completely divided when Greg Grippo made his exit from the show.

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After seeing the hometown date, some people thought Greg was the real deal.

Some thought that Greg preached the truth.

Some thought both Greg and Katie were in the wrong.

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Many thought they saw red flags.

The Bachelorette finale made for some awkward yet very entertaining TV.

The finale was also giving us series The Notebook vibes.

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In the end, The Bachelorette Finale is like the blue/gold dress scandal, the world was completely divided.

Katie and Blake are pretty darn cute 

Katie and Blake make for one cute couple, and twitter had a lot to say about this dynamic duo.

Katie and Blake just make sense together.

We are patiently waiting for them to make it IG official.

Alexa, play “Good 4 U” by Olivia Rodrigo. 

Tensions were high in New Mexico as Blake searched for an engagement ring. Kathleen compared it to High School Musical 2, and she’s not wrong.

We think Brett hit the nail right on the head.

Katie’s aunt did NOT come to play

Fans believe that if Blake should be scared of one thing, it’s Katie’s aunt. We think she’s just protecting her niece from heartbreak. You can be the judge.

Fans were absolutely shook.

Should we be entertained or scared? We may never know.

In the end, we are so happy with the outcome of The Bachelorette finale. After all,  Who doesn’t love, love? Blake’s proposal was everything, Katie and Greg got closure and all is right in the world.

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