Humphrey Bogart

Actor, Stage manager, Road company manager
The very definition of the term "film icon," Humphrey Bogart rose from a bit player on Broadway, to a supporting B-movie actor, to eventually become the undisputed reigning box-office star of his day. After making his ... Read more »
Born: 12/25/1899 in New York City, New York, USA


Actor (77)

Going Hollywood: The War Years 1987 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

The Harder They Fall 1956 (Movie)

Eddie Willis (Actor)

The Desperate Hours 1955 (Movie)

Glenn (Actor)

The Left Hand of God 1955 (Movie)

Jim Carmody (Actor)

We're No Angels 1955 (Movie)

Joseph (Actor)

Sabrina 1954 (Movie)

Linus Larrabee (Actor)

The Barefoot Contessa 1954 (Movie)

Harry Dawes (Actor)

The Caine Mutiny 1954 (Movie)

Captain Queeg (Actor)

Beat the Devil 1953 (Movie)

Billy Dannreuther (Actor)

Battle Circus 1952 (Movie)

Maj Jeb Webbe (Actor)

Deadline U.S.A. 1952 (Movie)

Ed Hutcheson (Actor)

The African Queen 1952 (Movie)

Charlie Allnut (Actor)

Sirocco 1951 (Movie)

Harry Smith (Actor)

The Enforcer 1951 (Movie)

Martin Ferguson (Actor)

Chain Lightning 1950 (Movie)


In a Lonely Place 1950 (Movie)

Dixon Steele (Actor)

Knock on Any Door 1949 (Movie)

Andrew Morton (Actor)

Tokyo Joe 1949 (Movie)

Joseph 'Joe' Barrett (Actor)

Key Largo 1948 (Movie)

Frank McCloud (Actor)

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1948 (Movie)

Fred C Dobbs (Actor)

Dark Passage 1947 (Movie)

Vincent Parry (Actor)

Dead Reckoning 1947 (Movie)

Rip Murdock (Actor)

The Two Mrs. Carrolls 1947 (Movie)


The Big Sleep 1946 (Movie)

Philip Marlowe (Actor)

Two Guys From Milwaukee 1946 (Movie)


Conflict 1945 (Movie)

Richard Mason (Actor)

Passage to Marseille 1944 (Movie)

Jean Matrac (Actor)

To Have and Have Not 1944 (Movie)

Harry Morgan/Steve (Actor)

Action in the North Atlantic 1942 (Movie)


Casablanca 1942 (Movie)

Rick Blaine (Actor)

Sahara 1942 (Movie)

Sgt. Joe Gunn (Actor)

Thank Your Lucky Stars 1942 (Movie)


Across the Pacific 1941 (Movie)

Rick Leland (Actor)

All Through the Night 1941 (Movie)


The Big Shot 1941 (Movie)

Duke Berne (Actor)

The Maltese Falcon 1941 (Movie)

Samuel Spade (Actor)

High Sierra 1940 (Movie)

Roy Earle (Actor)

The Wagons Roll at Night 1940 (Movie)

Nick Coster (Actor)

Brother Orchid 1939 (Movie)

Jack Buck (Actor)

Invisible Stripes 1939 (Movie)


It All Came True 1939 (Movie)

Grasselli / Chips Maguire (Actor)

They Drive By Night 1939 (Movie)

Paul Fabrini (Actor)

Virginia City 1939 (Movie)

John Murrell (Actor)

Dark Victory 1938 (Movie)

Michael O'Leary (Actor)

King of the Underworld 1938 (Movie)

Joe Gurney (Actor)

Swing Your Lady 1938 (Movie)


The Oklahoma Kid 1938 (Movie)

Whip McCord (Actor)

The Return of Dr. X 1938 (Movie)

Marshall Quesne (Actor)

The Roaring Twenties 1938 (Movie)


You Can't Get Away With Murder 1938 (Movie)

Frank Wilson (Actor)

Angels With Dirty Faces 1937 (Movie)

James Frazier (Actor)

Crime School 1937 (Movie)

Mark Braden (Actor)

Men Are Such Fools 1937 (Movie)

Harry Galleon (Actor)

Racket Busters 1937 (Movie)

Martin (Actor)

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse 1937 (Movie)

"Rocks" Valentine (Actor)

Dead End 1936 (Movie)

Baby Face Martin (Actor)

Kid Galahad 1936 (Movie)

Turkey Morgan (Actor)

Marked Woman 1936 (Movie)

David Graham (Actor)

San Quentin 1936 (Movie)

Joe 'Red' Kennedy (Actor)

Stand-In 1936 (Movie)


The Great O'Malley 1936 (Movie)

John Phillips (Actor)

Black Legion 1935 (Movie)

Frank Taylor (Actor)

Bullets or Ballots 1935 (Movie)

'Bugs' Fenner (Actor)

China Clipper 1935 (Movie)


Isle of Fury 1935 (Movie)

Val Stevens (Actor)

Two Against the World 1935 (Movie)


The Petrified Forest 1934 (Movie)

Duke Mantee (Actor)

Midnight 1933 (Movie)

Gar Boni (Actor)

Three on a Match 1932 (Movie)

Harve (Actor)

Big City Blues 1931 (Movie)


Love Affair 1931 (Movie)


A Holy Terror 1930 (Movie)


Bad Sister 1930 (Movie)


Body and Soul 1930 (Movie)


Women of All Nations 1930 (Movie)


A Devil With Women 1929 (Movie)


Up the River 1929 (Movie)



The very definition of the term "film icon," Humphrey Bogart rose from a bit player on Broadway, to a supporting B-movie actor, to eventually become the undisputed reigning box-office star of his day. After making his transition from the stages of New York to the studios of Hollywood with the crime drama "The Petrified Forest" (1936), Bogart endured an extended period playing second banana to more established stars, such as Edward G. Robinson in films like "Bullets or Ballots" (1936). Although productions like "They Drive by Night" (1940) and "High Sierra" (1941) gradually increased his Hollywood standing, it was Bogart's turn as private eye Sam Spade in "The Maltese Falcon" (1941) that first gave audiences a taste of the world-weary cynical, yet moralistic hero he would become so closely associated with. The persona was further cemented with his performances in "Casablanca" (1942) and "The Big Sleep" (1946), with the former hailed by many as one of the greatest films ever made. In between these cinematic milestones he met his co-star and future wife, actress Lauren Bacall, with whom he would appear in a total of four hit films. Other important films in Bogart's remarkable career included "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" (1948), "Key Largo" (1948), "The African Queen" (1951) - for which he would win his only Academy Award - and "The Caine Mutiny" (1954). Brought down by cancer while still at the height of his creative powers, Bogart would be remembered as an unrepentant iconoclast, irrepressible rabble rouser, and a true American cultural treasure.


Lauren Bacall Actor

Met while filming "To Have and Have Not" (1944); he was 25 years her senior Married May 21, 1945 until Bogart's death Jan. 14, 1957

Belmont Bogart


Stephen Humphrey Bogart Executive Producer

Born Jan. 6, 1949; mother, Lauren Bacall; penned autobiography Bogart: In Search of My Father (1995) and novel Play It Again

Maude Bogart


Leslie Bogart

Born Aug. 23, 1952; mother, Lauren Bacall Named after Leslie Howard, who got Bogart his big break in "The Petrified Forest" (1936)

Catherine Bogart


Frances Bogart


Helen Menken

Appeared together on Broadway in "Drifting" (1920) Married May 20, 1926 Divorced Nov. 18, 1927

Mayo Methot

Married Aug. 21, 1938; couple known as "The Battling Bogarts" during course of their stormy marriage Divorced May 10, 1945

Mary Philips Actor

Married April 3,1928 Divorced June 21, 1937



Last film, "The Harder They Fall"


Made TV acting debut recreating his stage and film role from "The Petrified Forest", opposite Bacall


Earned Best Actor Academy Award for "The African Queen"


Co-starred in last film opposite wife Lauren Bacall, "Key Largo"


Founded Santana Pictures; production company responsible for seven features between 1949-1953, including "Knock On Any Door" (1949) and "In a Lonely Place" (1953), both starring Bogart and directed by Nicholas Ray


Made first of four films opposite future wife Lauren Bacall, "To Have and Have Not" (Bacall's film debut)


Starred opposite Ingrid Bergman in the now classic wartime love story "Casablanca"


Stardom clinched with his role as Sam Spade in "The Maltese Falcon", directed by John Huston


Signed contract with Warner Bros.


Became film star after screen version of "The Petrified Forest" (would reprise part in a 1955 TV adaptation)


Breakthrough stage role as villain Duke Mantee in "The Petrified Forest"; co-starred with Leslie Howard


Short film debut in "Broadway's Like That/Ruth Etting in Broadway's Like That"; feature film debut in "Up the River"


Signed by Fox at $750/week; made five films for Fox and one on loan-out for Universal


Starred opposite Shirley Booth in "Hell's Bells"


Stage acting debut in bit part in "Drifting" starring Alice Brady and future wife Helen Menken; through decade progressed to leading Broadway roles usually as the romantic juvenile

Worked as office boy on Wall Street; then at age 19 was manager with touring theatrical troupe

While serving with US Navy in WWI was in accident which caused scarred upper lip