Britney’s Career Not Over Yet!

HOLLYWOOD, May 24, 2000 – Pardon the (tired) pun, but “Oops!” … she did it again. Eighteen-year-old popstress Britney Spears’ sophomore effort “Oops! … I Did It Again” debuted atop the album charts, with 1.3 million albums snapped up since its release last Tuesday, according to sales data released Wednesday.

Spears’ “Oops!” boasted 2000’s second-largest sales figures for an album in its opening week, behind boyband ‘N Sync’s “No Strings Attached,” which sold 2.4 million out of the box in March.

In going No. 1, by the way, Spears ousted ‘N Sync from the top spot after two-month run. The boyband fell to No. 4.

Rounding out the Top Five: Pearl Jam’s “Binaural” (No. 2); Big Tymers’ “I Got That Work” (No. 3); and, Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Hits” collection (No. 5).