‘Battleship’ and Rihanna’s Box Office Future: When Musicians Make Movies

Rihanna May 18 will forever be commemorated as the day humankind battled the space invaders: Battleship came out Friday, hitting theaters with some I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Michael-Bay-style action/adventure. But aside from being historical as the adaptation of the piece of source material with the least amount of narrative ever, the film also pioneers the acting career of music sensation Rihanna.

Moving from music to film isn’t always a seamless transition; it’s difficult to say whether or not Rihanna will thrive with instant seat-fillers, or sputter with box office disappointments. Many of her peers have experienced both:

Madonna’s greatest box office hit is probably an obvious one: the widely adored, oft quoted A League of Their Own, which earned $13.7 million in its opening weekend and $107.5 million overall. You probably don’t recall Madonna’s worst performer, however: Dangerous Game, which earned only $16,995 in its opening weekend and $140,037 overall.

Mariah Carey excelled with her most recent movie, Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire, which earned $1.8 million (opening) and $47.5 million overall. Her lowest grossing picture was her second most recent film, Tennessee, which earned $9,438 (opening) and $16,100 overall.

Beyoncé has experienced a bit more fortune than some of her peers, with even her lowest grosser earning none too shabby an intake. Beyonce’s highest earning pic was Austin Powers in Goldmember, which earned $73 million (opening) and $213.1 million overall. Her lowest: Cadillac Records, which earned $3.4 million (opening) and $8.1 million overall. Not great, but definitely the best of the bunch.

Jennifer Lopez took in $18.7 million (opening) and $94 million overall with her romantic comedy Maid in Manhattan, and only $420,993 (opening) and $1 million with the thriller Blood and Wine.

Mandy Moore’s animated film Tangled earned $48.7 million (opening) and $200.8 million overall; Moore’s Love Wedding Marriage didn’t quite take stride, however, earning only $1,378 (opening) and $1,926 overall.

Queen Latifah took in $41.6 million (opening) and $196.5 million overall for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 3D. On the other end of the spectrum, she also earned $2.2 million (overall) and $5.8 million overall for The Perfect Holiday.

Cher’s classic romantic comedy Moonstruck earned only $127,599 in its opening weekend, but then reached $80.6 million overall. Her film Faithful took in $967,956 in its opening weekend, but maxed out at $2.1 million overall.

Justin Timberlake has the highest earner of the group: Shrek the Third, which took in $121.6 million (opening) and $322.7 million overall. Timberlake’s Open Road, however, only took in $13,323 (opening) and $19,716 overall. Quite the range.

Country singer Tim McGraw was a big winner in The Blind Side, which earned $34.1 million (opening) and $255.9 million overall. McGraw’s Dirty Girl earned $17,859 (opening) and $56,616 overall.

Ice Cube’s recent comedy 21 Jump Street earned $36.3 million (opening) and $135.1 million overall. The rapper/actor’s least impressive box office presentation was The Janky Promoters, which earned $6,200 (opening) and $9,069 overall.

Finally, Dave Matthews earned $34.2 million (opening) and $120 million for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, and $9,355 (opening) and $12,767 overall for Lake City.

With most of the big winners being in the comedy genre, can the world expect Rihanna’s Battleship to falter? If so, will she find success in films in the future?

[Photo Credit: Daily Celeb/David Edwards]


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