BOX OFFICE: Nothing ‘Hollow’ About It

Hollywood has finally figured out how to make a successful Kevin Bacon movie: Keep his name small in the ads and make him invisible for most of the film. Despite critics’ complaints that it’s empty at the core, “Hollow Man” had a full weekend at the box office, easily slipping past all competition.

“Nutty Professor II: The Klumps” dropped nearly 60 percent in its second weekend but still held on to the No. 2 spot, while the geezers-in-orbit flick “Space Cowboys” and the girl-comes-of-age yarn “Coyote Ugly” both did well, landing at No. 3 and No. 4, respectively.

And when all’s said and done (meaning, when the weekend estimates are finalized Monday), a couple of new records might be set. “Hollow Man” is looking like the biggest August opener ever (surpassing “The Sixth Sense”), and “Space Cowboys” is Clint Eastwood’s biggest opener.

Here’s a rundown of this weekend’s Top 10:

1. “Hollow Man” ($26.8 million, opening weekend) 2. “Nutty Professor II: The Klumps” ($18 mil, $76.5 mil total) 3. “Space Cowboys” ($17.6 mil, opening weekend) 4. “Coyote Ugly” ($17 mil, opening weekend) 5. “What Lies Beneath” ($13.9 mil, $95.2 mil total) 6. “X-Men” ($6.1 mil, $135.6 mil total) 7. “Scary Movie” ($4.2 mil, $140.1 mil total) 8. “The Perfect Storm” ($3.8 mil, $165.4 mil total) 9. “Disney’s The Kid” ($2.9 mil, $58.2 mil total) 10. “The Patriot” ($2.3 mil, $105.7 mil total)