‘Brave’ Wins Weekend But Falls $44 Million Short of ‘Toy Story 3’


Disney Pixar’s latest film Brave topped the weekend box office with an impressive $66.7 million, beating Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Although the movie opened to somewhat mixed reviews (read ours here), its ticket totals were no doubt helped by the start of summer vacation, plus 3D and IMAX prices.
But how does the opening weekend for the warrior princess film stack up to Pixar’s other biggest hits? 
The answer: slight better than average. 
Sure, it falls $44 million behind Toy Story 3, but that final installment in the popular Buzz Lightyear and Woody trilogy had the benefit of two previous audience-building films. 
Here are the top 10 biggest opening weekends for Pixar: 
1. Toy Story 3: $110.3 million
2. The Incredibles: $70.4 million
3. Finding Nemo: $70.25 million
4. Up: $68.1 million
5. Brave: $66.7 million
6. Cars 2: $66.1 million
7. Wall-E: $63.1 million
8. Monsters, Inc.: $62.6 million
9. Cars: $60.1 million
10 .Toy Story 2: $57.4 million