Check Out Shocking New ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ Blu-ray/DVD Bonus Clip

PA3What with the rapid developments surrounding a fourth Paranormal Activity movie that advanced earlier earlier this month—the project was confirmed, got a release date and then earned a pair of directors all within three days—it’s natural that we’d have found-footage poltergeists on the mind. Although, to be fair, that’s just the default setting of consciousness for many of us.

In any event, we’ll all be satisfied to recall that Paranormal Activity 3Henry Joost’s and Ariel Schulman’s 2011 venture into the mythology of the series, is releasing on Blu-ray/DVD in just a few days. To celebrate, check out the bonus clip from the release below.

Paranormal Activity 3 comes out on Blu-ray/DVD on Tuesday, Jan. 24.