‘Jonah Hex’ Red Carpet Premiere Photos

Last night was the Los Angels premiere of “Jonah Hex,” and here are four photos from our much larger gallery, which I encourage you to take a look at because this is the most unattractive Megan Fox has looked in a while…possibly ever. But that Barbara Streisand…DAMN! She’ll be a hippy goddess forever.

Have you decided if you’re going to see it yet? From the looks of some of these people, they didn’t even seem too happy they were about to mosey on into a theater and sit through it! What does it say about “Jonah Hex” if not even “Jonah Hex” and Barbara Streisand don’t want to see it? But there was one person who looked happy to be there: Wes Bentley. He shouldn’t be emblematic of everyone’s excitement, however, because Bentley here gets over-the-moon excited when the wind blows a plastic bag to his left.


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