‘Lincoln’ Poster: Penny For Your Thoughts?

The quietly powerful poster for Steven Spielberg‘s upcoming biopic Lincoln probably didn’t require any additional text, but Oscar-winning leading man Daniel Day-Lewis looks so much like the 16th President of the United States that seeing their two names so close together makes quite the impact. Daniel Day-Lewis is Abraham Lincoln, no stovepipe hat necessary. (Though here’s to hoping it at least makes a cameo in the drama which also features an all-star cast featuring the ubiquitous Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as well as Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field, John Hawkes, Jared Harris, James Spader, Jackie Earle Hayley, and Girls star Adam Driver, presumably with a shirt on.) 
While we’ve seen unofficial glimpses at the 55-year-old method actor’s stunning transformation into Honest Abe, the first poster for Lincoln — in which Day-Lewis looks like he’s posing for the penny — is the real deal. Check it out here: 
[Photo credit: DreamWorks]